GSoC’19 Coding period Week #2

GSoC’19 Coding period Week #2

Google Summer of Code 2019 has entered yet another week i.e. week #2. This week exciting tasks came across with new challenges which help me to learn new things.

Project Abstract

My project is to develop a Collaborative Editors module which provides three plugins for Real-Time Collaborative Editors Etherpad, Google Docs and Microsoft Office 365 Word. 


Previous Progress

This is a brief overview of progress before this week

1. Module skeleton

2. Menu Link

3. Etherpad Configuration form


Week 2 Progress

As I mentioned earlier that my project has been modified. So, I need to research about various Collaborative Editors available and how they can be integrated into a third-party application like Drupal. So I wrote a blog post "Integration of Free & Open Source Real-Time Collaborative Editors in third-party applications".

Completed Plugin Manager with all the required functionalities.
And partially completed Etherpad plugin. Can refer this pull request.

Screenshot of Plugin Discovery

Plugin Discovery


Wrote two PHP Unit Test. First to check availability of "collaborative_editors.overview" route. Second to check availability of "ce_etherpad" plugin. Here we can found the Pull Request.

Php Unit Test



- Plugin Manager functionality needs to be defined accurately and precisely so that we can better manage the plugins and inherit common functionalities from the parent module.