GSoC'19 Coding Period Week #7

GSoC'19 Coding Period Week #7

Week 7 of the Google Summer of Code coding period is completed successfully. To know about Google Summer of Code (GSoC) refer to my last blog post here. This blog post aims about project progress till now and future goals.


Project Abstract

"Collaborative Editors" is a Drupal 8 module which provides various Drupal Plugins to integrate Real-Time Collaborative Editors in Drupal 8 which will allow the site administrator to collaboratively add/edit content in Drupal.

It will include the following:-

1. Etherpad: Etherpad is an open-source Real-Time Collaborative Rich Text Editor.

2. Google Docs Add-On: It will allow users to publish and update the content of Drupal from the Google Docs document.

3. Microsoft Office 365 Word Add-In:  It will allow users to publish and update the content of Drupal from Microsoft Office 365 Word document.


Previous Progress

Completed Etherpad integration feature in  "Etherpad" Drupal plugin. Find more in this video.

"Google Docs" Drupal plugin is completed with following features:-

1. API Key generation and saving it through Drupal Configuration API.

2. REST routes to exchange data with Google Docs Add-On

Completed Add Site feature in Google Docs Add-On using test_connection route of "Google Docs" Drupal plugin. And completed Publish/Save Content to Drupal feature in Google Docs Add-On.

Completed 3 PHP Unit Tests.


Week 7 Progress


In "Publish to Drupal" Google Docs Add-On I have added "Loading..." effect wherever required. It will help the user to know that request is in process.



If a Google Docs document has been earlier published/saved to Drupal then at "Publish" option of Add-On a message will appear asking the user whether he/she wants to update that previously published/saved Node from this document.

Update Content Message


Using "/google_docs/update" route of "Google Docs" Drupal plugin, the Google Docs Add-On can update a published/saved Node.

Update Content


Completed instructions of "Help" dialogue box



Completed all the doc-comments in "Publish to Drupal" Google Docs Add-On's code. These Doc-Comments helps a new person to easily understand the code.



Also, I have completed for the repository of "Publish to Drupal" Google Docs Add-On.



Week 8 Goals

To work upon development of "Publish to Drupal" Microsoft Office 365 Word Add-In.


Things I learn in this week

1. Various Mark-Down Tags.

2. How to write Doc-Comments for Google Docs Add-On.



1. To find appropriate Mark-Down tag for file.

2. I'm unable to find any tutorial or instructions on how to write doc-comments in Google Docs Add-On. To understand it I need to refer codes of sample Google Docs Add-On provided by Google itself.